Looking back at my proposal I feel there is a lot I changed but also a lot that I think I kept my word on when it comes to the core theme of what I was going for. In my proposal I said my rough idea was a man who was about to get fired however he turns the situation against his boss and ends up jam side up. I was going to do this with dialogue as I stated in my proposal I want the main core thing to be dialogue and telling a story through it.

Success would be a short piece of well paced, engaging dialogue between two or more characters that isnt cringey or boring. I want it too be a solid piece of work, even tho i know i will find it difficult as this is something ive never done before i am confident in my abilities to pull it off.

This is a section I wrote in my proposal and I feel I’ve actually nailed that. Although my rough idea changed by going through weeks of inspiration searching this still stayed the same. The 5/6 min dialogue scene in the cafe In my opinion is a well paced and engaging scene in my film and I think makes for a good core. As I state this is something I’ve never done before so to actually go out my comfort zone on my most important piece of work I feel is a brave and worthy decision. To keep my word with what my main goal was im very happy about and feel is something that needed to be done in my body of work.

The themes I hinted at wanting to do ‘comedy sketch or a intense drama, or maybe a combination of both, taking its shots seriously when not taking the actual idea serious’ kind of remained the same. I feel it was a very dry humored film with a very serious underlining story that I put a exaggeration on for comedic effect. So in a sense it does follow the sort of tone and genre I stated in my proposal but taking the underlining message of it much deeper than originally planned. I’m also glad I didn’t go in the direction of just a little funny sketch of a man taking back his job because my final idea has much more meaning and depth to it that allowed for me to connect deeper with it and really get into topic and themes I wanted to bring up. I feel if I only did a mindless comedy sketch It would have been hard for me to keep motivation as I wouldn’t have anything I could connect to.

My process for my film changed when I had my final idea in the inspirations blog. however after that it pretty much stayed the same. Usually when I get a clear vision in my head I don’t really go off path and this was just the case. The story boarding really helped me keep on that path as I knew what my film was going to look like visually. Also with the added pressure of time creeping up on me whilst trying to spin the plates of other work commitments when It came to filming I knew what I had to get done. This allowed for a great work flow that allowed me to get 3/4 of my footage done in less  2 days of filming. There was only a few things I changed liked little parts in my script where the actors didn’t feel that was the natural words to use or changing the choice of how my beginning started. By getting a chance to use the 50mm, I shot some shots of Sonny in my mums bed so the opening started there instead. I felt thing brought the first scene more of an interest in the charter and also the film as it shows it’s not all just gonna be based in a bathroom.

I also feel like I made the comedy more subtle through my process. I wanted to create something more mature in terms of intelligence when viewing.I knew my audience were going to be over 16 and because of that I want to make everything a bit more witty and smart rather then in your face slapstick. I also love it when a director respects his audiences intelligence to pick up the idea or plot points in a film. So by only dropping Joe’s name once early on in the conversation this allows for people who were listening carefully to understand the reference back to him on the poster.

My research was very important and was integral to how I formed my idea. Watching Coen brothers films where they have mastered the art of dialogue that is the perfect blend of comedic and serious. I also took inspiration from how they shoot their dialogue scenes by putting the camera in the middle of the conversation so the audience feel like there really apart of it. Other research I did was Tarantino dialogue in his cult classic. Studying those films are incredible ways to watch and learn how he paces a scene and makes every day normal conversation interesting and engaging.

I feel I did do enough research as the research helped me reach to my final idea. Without doing the research I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this. I believe my deep dive into making a playlist full of songs the fitted the tone and vibe I wanted and songs the lyrically shouted out to me was a great idea as well. This playlist I listened to throughout the course of making those project when script writing or filming as if my every move was carried by the sounds of my playlist.

What I’ve learnt from undertaking this project is that taking risks is always a good thing. I’m so happy I took the risk to do a dialogue scene instead of the usual fight scene or music video. I think this has really payed of as it’s quite rare to see done in college films and shows cases an extra level of skill I can do. I feel if I didn’t do it I would have regretted it and if I failed I could say at least I tried.

I’ve also learnt that pushing through no matter how much pressure you feel is always best as it’s probably not as  bad as you think at the time. There were moments where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get it done because of other commitments I had and my actors having to do their films as well however pushing through and waking up early really payed of as I got a good chunk of my footage done early which allowed me to relax a little and take a step back.

If I could change something I would have asked more people for help, I feel one of my problems is trying to be a one man band which then puts a lot of strain and pressure on me and then lowers the quality of production. In the future I need to be more open to asking for help from my peers and see if they can improve my project in any way as filmaking is a collaborative process. I would also allow myself more time to breathe from other work commitments and set more of a priority on what needed doing in my life instead of trying to spin a thousand plates hope none of them break. Often at times I felt slightly overwhelmed and could of done with a couple extra hands or eyes to give more not only a rest on my body but a different perspective creativity on where my film was heading.

I would have liked to put my film on Vimeo put that would have resulted in have to export it in a far lower quality so It would fit the vimeo requirements. Vimeo is more of a professional way of showcasing your content compared to YouTube especially when talking to clients so this is a shame. My intended audience varies widely though so YouTube could be seen as the perfect place to have to for a more universal audience. However as my film has some very heavy themes and scenes in it the under 16s should not be watching. Its also based heavily on the life of a middle aged persons life problems which some audiences may not be able to relate to or find interesting. In a perfect world Id love for my film to be shown in a small theater as this is always the best way to immerse yourself in a film.

In summary I’m very happy with how my film went and watching it back there aren’t many things i’d change. Far from a perfect film, however it’s my film and one I’m quite proud of. The combination of risk taking, workload, small crew and the speed I got it out I think is something that makes it more special to me. Yes the dialogue audio could be better and yes the beginning scene could be better shot and yes there could be more depth to Adams solo moments but above all I achieved a solid film from beginning to end that has the juicy dialogue scene I wanted all along right in the middle.


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