This week I polished up my film and graded my entire film using adjustment layers. As I shot very raw with my camera this allowed me for greater control with my grading. I did have to be weary on how far I push it tho as I know my colour on my monitor is slightly off.

I don’t have a full on set colour I was going for I mainly just wanted to bring out the black In all my shots as I wanted it too have deep contrast. I didn’t want any of the shots to feel happy and light. I did this by using Lumetri and then using the sliders to bring out the blacks with the contrast and and the shadows. bathroom colour

I have taken several screen shots of before and after split screens so you can see the difference grading the footage made.

split 0split 1

For the beginning scene I wanted it to have a nice shadow on the side of Sonny’s face to symbolise someone going through a dark change. It’s also easy to hint at good vs bad or dark vs light know by all. As we can see from the screenshots there is a massive difference between the raw and the graded footage. Sonny’s skin because far more detailed and the dark tones like his hair and eye real get brought out. I also went for a blue tinge in the bathroom as I felt that gave the Fincher icy vibe.

split 2split 7

For the cafe scene I wanted it too feel a little lighter and soft then before so I added a slight orange warmth to it which I feel gave it a more natural relaxed look. Unfortunately as I only had natural light the camera struggled with capturing Sonny’s dark textured shirt without creating a little noise.

split 5split 6

For the third scene a lot of the shots were over exposed so I used the exposure slider and turned it down a bit which then let me have better control on grading the footage and getting the details out. For the phone I had a light shinning directly on it which meant I had a lot of control on how I wanted it too look. I think I went for a good amount of grading on it as its far more vivid then before.

Overall I think I did a good job on the grading and that’s the first time ever shot in raw considering. Some could say I could of put more of a distinctive colour and tone on my film however I think I prefer the more subtle unnoticeable unless you the difference type of grading for this. Next week I should have it uploaded on YouTube and I will begin my evaluation.


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