I have officially finished my edit for my film and all that needs doing now is a bit of grading. This week I grinded out the edit for the first and final section of my film.

The first part I added some of the shots I shot on my mothers bed as the intro as I thought this would be a quick and effective way to show Sams state of life showing him stroking the empty side of the bed. I also think its aesthetically better shots then my bathroom shoot so I wanted to get them in there somewhere. I had to use the warp stabilizer effect for a few shots that I shot hand held as I didn’t want them as shakey as they were. Fortunately I held it rather well so there isn’t any warping when the effect is added and it almost looks like it was shot on a tripod. I had difficultly knowing how far I could hold a shot before it got boring, I wanted to create a depressing atmosphere but finding that blend was one I hopefully nailed.warpThe song I decided to use for the beginning was Iko Iko which I felt fit perfectly as a ironic contrast between sonic verses visuals. In the bathroom Sam submerges himself underwater as if life’s pressure is too much, I wanted the song to also sound like it was going underwater. To make that underwater effect I used sound reverb and applied the large dome preset to create the perfect echo trancey sound I wanted. I cut the audio and applied it to the section that would be when he’s under water. Then applied a fade between the cuts so the sounded became echoy as he went under.

This whole scene although I wanted to feel drowsy and depressing felt a little to long so instead of showing him getting changed and all that I used the one transitions of him pulling the shower curtains back and forth as a transition straight to the cafe. Doing this was very simple, by just key framing a mask and following it frame by frame, then just a slight feather. I didn’t even need After Effects to do this.


I had to two songs up for being played near the end of the cafe scene leading into the final section of my film. It was either Forever Young or We are going to be friends. Forever young was the group chat favorite and was probably the more comedic one however I preferred the beat and rhythm of the other song and the lyrics I felt were more fitting for what was happening in the film. I used the same technique as I did for the scene where sonny goes underwater but instead used the loud room presets and then faded it back to the normal song when the cafe scene comes to and end. I like how the lyrics become fully hearable when the shot is Adam left alone in the cafe.

The cafe scene audio had the buzzing of the air vent in the background very faint throughout so I added a denosier effect which worked quite well. I then found a 3 hour audio clip of just cafe background noise on YouTube which I added to create that cafe atmosphere.

For the third section with Laurie it was pretty simple as there was no audio aside from the music. I also didn’t have many shots to pick from of Laurie moping around so it kind of picked itself. A few of the shots are quite over exposed so those are something im going to have to fix in the grading.

For the final scene where Laurie calls the number I had to get him to record his dialogue and send it to me through google drive. I also recorded Joe’s voice mail on my phone and added both into my time line. To make my voice recording sound like it was coming from the phone I added a high pass effect which made it sound very realistic, I then did the same to Laurie’s. I also found some ocean wind sounds that I added instead of using the audio the Rode mic picked up. I also found a beep sound effect that you hear on phones to had to the realism.

high pass

For the shot inside Joe’s house with the two take pan all that was needed was a simple fade and a little color correction to make it look like one take. For the final music I choose My Way By Frank Sinatra which i mentioned in my music blog about having the perfect build up but also perfect lyrics for that scene but to also to finish off my film. The combo of Laurie’s voice message, Franks vocals in the distance slowly building up and the sound of Joe kicking his chair back is really powerful and effect and I think will leave a few mouths open when his legs stop shaking and the film cuts to black.

chair kick

Next week I should have graded my film and have it ready to be exported and put on what I assume will be YouTube as I don’t have vimeo premium to hold a 15 minute film.




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