This week has been me and Premier pro getting also up close and personal. With all my footage all I had to do was put it all together exactly how I wanted.

I first started with the cafe scene as this is the most important bit and if they were and major issues id want to know asap. I would make a sequence of each type of shot. So a sequence for the front angle shots, over the shoulder shots and then the side angle. Each involved the same process. Having to watch Sonny’s version, cutting out the parts where he messed up or there was a long pause and then doing the same with Laurie to make sure they were in sync with each other. With sonny’s clip on layer 1 and Laurie’s on layer 2 I would switch off the eye on layer 2 so I could only see one. Then I would watch sonny’s clip and when in his clip Laurie’s would speak I would do a cut and drag Laurie’s video and audio in there instead.

I proceed to do this for the whole 5 minutes conversation. There would be times where it wouldn’t sync or the continuity was off so I could then use another angle from either the over the should shots or the wide angle to fix that. This process took about two day or 8 hours of editing as there was a lot of audio fixing and I had to make sure the pacing was correct with the cuts. After doing the same method on each sequence I would then nest them so they were 3 single clips that I would name Front, shoulder and wide.sequences

front edit

With theses 3 individual clips I could then stack them up in my main sequence and pick and choose when I want to stay on the front shots or cut to an over the shoulder. I found the front shots were best for when I wanted to create awkward or uncomfortable tone to the vibe and the over the shoulder shots of when a character is describing something as you can see more in there body language.

Next week I should hopefully have the other parts edited and have decided what music fits best.


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