This has been my final week of filming my final major project. The filming in all honestly has been quite a calm process. Usually in the past it results in arguments and disappointment however this time i feel calm and have everything I want.

On Monday It was just me and Sonny at mine so it was pretty chill. I got sonny to lay on my mothers bed as I did some takes of him looking all sad and depressed. I also had the 50mm lens now so I  tried to use that as much as possible.

After this we looked around my house trying to think of the best place to shoot the hanging scene. I wanted myself to be in a silhouette however I couldn’t find a place to hang onto whilst having a lot of light hit me from behind to create a silhouette. In fact I couldn’t find anywhere to hold onto aside from the entrance to my front door. I then remember we had a chin up bar thingy that I used once and then packed away in lazy fat shame. After a few years I eventually found it and put it in my kitchen door way.

The only other issue was where I could put the home phone. I decided I was going to put it in the cupboard with a light shining on it so it gave it this spotlight look, it looked symbolic like it was something very important. As I was Joe I had to do the hanging so Sonny was on camera man duty, I set the camera on the tripod and told Sonny to remember the focal length on the lens for when he pans from the phone to me hanging in the kitchen.

Sonny however was struggling to pan the camera which had to slowly pan downwards to not get my top half of my body in sight. He had the idea of shooting the pan in two parts and do a cut the the camera pans across the cupboard door which feels the screen. This was a great idea and allowed sonny to get the second part of the pan perfect.

I may have forgot what a weak little potato I had become because I was struggling to keep myself up on the chin up bar. In my defense I was very ill and after the 4th take on holding myself up whilst shaking my legs around I was getting incredibly bad mine grains. But its all for the arts.

After getting a take I was finally happy with I could successfully call that a wrap (aside from post audio from me and Laurie) I’m extremely happy with how efficient I got all my footage and now I have a couple weeks to do the edit.


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