After last week I’m feeling confident that I’m going to able able to finish shooting with a good amount of times for editing and changes if need be. I’ve looked at all the footage on my timeline and it mostly all looks good. A few shots from the bathroom scene I feel could be more polished and the audio from the cafe scene is a bit noisy but I’m positive I can correct that in post.

On Wednesday the weather was lovely as we met up at college once more to get the equipment, however this time all the shotgun mics with the dead cat to block the wind was booked out so I had to go from a rode mic instead. This worried me because all my shots were going to be outside, however I knew for this scene I was going to have music playing throughout. So really the only issue is when Adam calls Joe if we can pick up that audio or not.

I had printed out a poster I made on Photoshop of my head on a Robo-cop that we needed someone to tape up to. Continuing on the theme off overly fake images like my Instagram pictures of Adam.


I decided to shoot the poster finding scene in the same place I’ve shot a previous college project at called For the Views. It’s extremely close to the college and has a lot of different little places you can film at, the only issue is it does get busy at times. I sellotaped the poster to the wall of a pub to suggested Adam left the cafe to go for a drink to drown his sorrows. This take took a few more takes than I thought as Laurie couldn’t seem to take the poster off how I wanted, however we got a great take of him accidental ripping a bit but still taking the ripped part as well which I think is my favorite take.


I had a vague idea of a couple things I wanted Laurie to do on his walk to his sleeping bag however I mainly just improvised with what I saw, like a rubbish bin, talking to a grape or just kicking stuff over.

When we got to the hoe we’d lost about 5 stone collectively in the heat and carrying the equipment. There was a great spot that had concrete and sand and water that nobody was near so we quickly went over and took that spot. The heat made it difficult for us to work constantly so we took a little break that may have resulted in laying in the sun for an hour.

After the power naps I then made Laurie get into the sleeping bag he brought. However when I told him I wanted it on the sand he went into fit. The thought of getting dry sand on his sleeping bag that three seconds later found out the zip was completely broken was madness to him. After a few words, loud naughty words he caved in and we proceeded. This shots looked great to me as the waves drew nearer and nearer to him. I got several from different distances to show where his surroundings were.

There was unfortunately building works being done near by which caused a lot of noise, this only started later on when we began filming the phone call scene. This was irritating and i knew the rode mic would pick it up. My thinking to get around this it to just record my voice in post and somehow make it sound like its coming from the phone. I will also have to do this for Laurie as well when it cuts to the answering machine.

After we finished the filming for that day we carried on bathing in the sun as Laurie went into the sea. I’m really happy on how I’ve got the shots I needed in such a  short space of time and now all I need to film is the ending scene where Joe hangs himself and maybe redo some of the beginning shots.


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