Continuing from part 1. 

All the other little shots I needed in my house were pretty simple as it was just Sonny getting changed pretty much. I called my friend Jacob who was gonna be my sound man for the cafe scene to let him know we were on our way to the main college building. As we waited at the bus stop we thought we’d give Laurie a little photo shoot to pass the time.

We got to the college at 4 pm and thankfully there wasn’t many people there. I gave my actors printed versions of the script so they could practice running through it with each  other and getting familiar with it. I watched them go through it each time and stopped them where I felt they needed to put more/less emphasis on a word. Laurie had a couple issues with filler words I had added like ‘um’ which I allowed for him to improvise with. I also had to tell them to constantly stay in character even when the other person is talking as the camera will still be on  them.

After an hour and two coffees bought the place was basically empty with only a few people around. Jacob who was doing the audio said he could hear a buzzing sound in the background through the earphones that was coming from one of the air vents but we couldn’t find a way to turn that off. Instead I turned down the sensitivity of the mic and made Jacob get closer with the shotgun to the actor talking. As I only had one camera, meaning  I couldn’t just film all the angles at once and sync them up later with a clap i’d have to make sure my actors keep consistent continuity. I knew this would all be an absolute ball ache to edit, especially the audio, so for moments in the script where one person talks over the other I made the actor who was being filmed say his line without getting interrupted and then vice versa. I can then make it sound like he’s getting interrupted in post.

The filming for this scene went on for 3 hours. I wanted several takes as I was certain this was going to be the only chance I get to shoot it. The shots where the camera is right in front of the actor was pretty simple as the actors could look down at there script quickly when the other actor would be talking. Every few moments I would have to stop and just remind them about how they should be reacting to a certain thing. Jacob also said Sonny needed to speak up a bit in a few lines. I have to give a lot of credits to my actors of shooting all day, learning a 5 minuet dialogue scene quite quickly and not kick up much fuss. The fact we shot next to a window also allowed for good natural light meaning we didn’t have to use big led panels on our actors which I felt would have been very discomforting to them, especially for three hours.

Overall I am tremendously proud that I’ve filmed 3/4 of my film in one day. This was a real test of character and just having to push through regardless of what happens. Next week I will be filming the third section with Laurie.


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