This past week has been pretty hectic for me. On Monday I began my first day of shooting which was only meant to be the bathroom scene. However with time slowly running out for me, and my actors needing to shoot and edit there films as well, I decided to do the cafe dialogue scene that day as well.

I met my actors at the college at around 9 am so I could get the booked equipment but also so I could get the bus back to my house with them so they didn’t get lost. We then quickly popped to Morrison so we could buy some food for the shoot but also so I could but some pot noodles for my set.  It was like killing two birds with one pot noodle.

IMG_4746 - Copy

I also wanted Sonny (Sam in the film) to wear a shirt as I felt that would suit my tone and aesthetic I was going for. I also had the idea to use him buttoning the shirt together as a transition. The issue was Sonny didn’t seem to own a shirt which resulted in Laurie (Adam in the film) to bring one of his to wear. This resulted in a heated discussion as Sonny thought he looked stupid in the shirt however me and Laurie thought it looked great. As anyone with a maths GCSE knows, two always beats one. With that issue resolved I cleared my bathroom with everything inside it; so after 3000 ladies shampoo bottles later we were ready.

However we weren’t as Sonny had been trying to grow some soft of beard thing on his face which needed shaving. Then I made Sonny strip off, luckily I was in a good mood so I let him wear my swimming trunks.

I knew that alot of my shots were going to be hand held as I wouldn’t be able to put a tripod in a bath filled with water. I had the idea to get shots of Sam starring at the shower head on a tripod but only shoot from the shoulders up so I could get a stable shot. As much as I tried playing with the angles I couldn’t mange to get the shot without showing that the bath was empty so I shot close ups instead on the tripod. I also got many different shots of the shower head. This was a bit risky as the expensive camera was right next to a shower head that I wanted dripping with water. To get the water dripping I had to turn the shower head to the wall and turn it on for a second then turn it back off.

After I felt like my 18th take of a shower head was enough I then decided it was time to start shooting the shots with bath water involved. After filling a bath at a temperature you wouldn’t want your tea at and having a few stale jammy dodgers we were ready.

Laurie was holding the shotgun mic as I had my bum dipped half way in the water as I squatted in the bath trying my best to keep a steady hand filming Sonny. Although after 5 mins I couldn’t feel my legs or back I think it well considering. The only take that took a while was the shot of Sonny eating a pot noodle. This was because Sonny didn’t like the pot noodle. I made him eat the pot noodle. My legs cramped up, Laurie consistently laughing at Sonny and Sonny almost throwing up with bits of noodle in the bath left for quite interesting outtakes.

The only other thing that took a few attempts was Sam calling Adam on the phone. This was tricky because I just made Sonny call Laurie as Laurie stayed downstairs. However if I wanted Laurie to do a re take or trying something different with his voice I’d either have to call him again or go downstairs to tell him.

This blog will continue onto a part 2.




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