I have just started doing some freelancing work with the University of Plymouth media team. I saw this as a great chance to be cheeky and ask if they would be kind enough for me to use there Canon C100 as my camera for the project. They said yes.

This camera looks slightly intimidating from first glance with its meaty body and plethora of buttons however doing a quick youtube search I got the jist of it pretty quick.



There was a few reasons why I really wanted to use this camera. One was because its just far superior to the DSLRs we have in college, in terms of image quality, detail, low light ability and the ability to plug male and female cables into it for audio which was the main attraction. Instead of having to use a separate recording device and then trying to sync the audio together after each take I can just record the audio using the camera. It also has three MD filters built into the camera which is a fantastic feature. This allows you too shoot in areas with alot of light whilst still keeping the same camera settings you want. I’ll also be using a 25 – 100mm lens which I feel is the perfect lens for getting all types of shots. I would have liked a 50mm lens aswell for frontal shots with lots of depth of field but that was in use.

I will also be booking out a tripod and a big led panel light and a shot gun mic with a deadcat. Next week I will begin filming the first scene in the bathroom.




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