There are three main locations I need. A house with a bathroom and a bath, a cafe or somewhere that can be resembled as a cafe and somewhere near the sea.

For the bathroom that can be done in either my house or my friends as they all have sizable bathrooms enough for a tripod to fit in at least. I like my bathroom the most tho not only because it will be convenient but it also has great natural lighting from my big window.

For the cafe scene that is far more tricky. For I will need a cafe that is fine with us filming there for free, with people not getting in the way and sound kept to a minimal. This task seems very unlikely. My thought was maybe go Goodbodys which has a great look to it and is 24/7 but the quietest time would be at 3 am which wouldn’t be fair on my actors.







My most realistic option would be to use the main college building cafe that is very big has good natural lighting and is open till 9 pm meaning I have a 3 hour slot that the cafe will be fairly quite. Only downside is that it doesn’t have that cafe atheistic like Goodbodys, but id rather have good audio and long enough time to shoot then have some red sofas.

For the third section where Adam goes back to his set up by the sea I have the option to either go the beach or go the hoe. I feel the beach would allow for more room to push for more aesthetic shots however there is the issue of getting there and not getting the equipment all sandy. The hoe would be more useful as its close so its easier for us to get there but also makes sense in the film as we can see how Adam gets there. There are also good sections that are tucked away in the hoe that have concrete you can put your equipment on.



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