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This past week I have spent writing my script. I knew it was going to be tricky but i had underestimated the difficultly of creating dialogue that seemed natural whilst not being boring or pointless. Although i had the rough kind of message and story i wanted for my film i still didn’t have it visualized like I usually do which make it that little bit more tricky.

The basic idea or message of the story is that even if you think your life is a mess in reality everyone’s life is a mess and that its often the person giving you the most advice is the one that needs it the most. Like when they give advice they are really giving it to themselves.

The first half I wanted to create a depressive atmosphere whilst still not taking its self to serious. The image of eating a pot noodle in a cold bath tub I feel has that combination. I want to share the amount of information about this characters life and why hes in that state in as quick as time as possible. I’m going to do this by cutting to shots of different areas in his house that tell a’lot about whats going on. From a broken framed photo of him and his ex to an empty fridge with a single beer. I’m going to interlace this with a scene of Sam submerging himself under the bath as if life’s pressure is getting to much.

Although I don’t want this to be about it to be about how people show there better selves on social media I found this would be the simple and most effective way to start the plot of the story moving when Sam sees Adams amazing life on Instagram. My idea is to make obviously photo shopped images of Adams face in amazing photos, I think this would continue the tone that this isn’t a dead serious film but also the first hint that Adam is full of lies.

Another difficulty I faced was trying to visualise how long a scene or a moment is going to be. At the start I want to create a message or tone to the audience that Sam is living in misery, this i feel would be best done with long takes or long drawn out moments, the risk of this would be playing with chance of it getting boring. In my head I’ve got the idea of music playing throughout the beginning scene until he come back from under the water, but I will talk about music in a future blog.

The main dialogue in the cafe was the part I really struggled with. I wanted it to sound like normal boring conversation that has no end goal but still be entertaining and have an end goal. Now this sounds like some kind of paradox but it’s what I wanted to try and create. I also needed to throw in another character ‘Joe’ to then comeback at the end of the film. I did this by adding a quick childhood throwback comment into the conversation,which creates a little backstory behind the characters and the fact they’ve all gone there separate ways. I knew that because the dialogue scene could only be 5/6 mins max as its only a short film I wouldn’t really get a chance to create much character development between them which is a compromise I had to make. I’ve decided to break down the film into 3 parts, each taking up 5 mins to make a total of hopefully a 15 min max film.

The final 5 mins of my film will be the film leaving Sam and moving Adam as the main target in the film as we see him leave the cafe and mope around Plymouth before he stumbles across the poster of Joe’s computer selling business. This poster has a number on it which he eventually calls for it to only go the answering machine. The film then cuts to inside Joe’s house has Adam pours his guts out to him for us only to be left with the image of Joe kicking a chair from underneath him.





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