There are many different styles within film making that a director can use. Some directors are more fluid, adapting to how they want to tell a story or set a tone. However some have a distinct style that you know you’re watching a film made by them. One director or should I say directors that are a great example of this are the Coen brothers.

Joel and Ethan Coen are the brains behind some of the best and most iconic films of the past 30 years from the masterpiece that is Fargo, the hilarious The Big Lewbowski, the unique refreshing O Brother, Where art thou? or the thrilling No country for old men.

All of theses are incredible films that all have that distinctive Coen brothers style. This is includes a colour pallet that combines pastel greens, browns and grays. This also includes filming dialogue that makes the viewer feel like they’re in the middle of the conversation. They like to put their cameras in between their characters using the reverse shots. Reverse shots are extremely simple and a great way of showing someones reaction to something. However the Coen brothers have seemingly perfected when to use it and when to cut to the reaction. The video below is a great example of the Coen brothers using reverse shots to great effect.

Another director i’m heavily inspired by is David Fincher. Cliche, but the man directed Fight Club, the reason why I fell in love with filmaking in the first place. His ablity to tell a story amazes me everytime. His tenaciousness to create the perfect shot or perfect tone for his film is a level any director should reach for. The man lives and breathes film and you can tell that from actors who have worked with him explaining how he takes 40 takes to get the shot.

This level of detail is something ill have in my brain throught my journey in this project. I want a shot to be there for a purpose and not for the sake of it. It needs to tell the audience something or make them feel something that adds to the message and tone I want to create. His ability to try new things and push beyond what hes done before is also something i have great respect for and is something i try to do through each project i make. Below is a great video on how Fincher goes above and beyond what is the norm of cinimea and showcases why hes one of the worlds best.

For next week I will hopefully have a script written that my actors can start learning as soon as possible.


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