For week 3 i have been watching and studying different film, shows and styles that i feel i want to try putting my own spin on. I am a big fan of taking the everyday norm and exaggerating a concept or feeling into a creative perspective.

Neil deGrasse Tyson said this to rapper Logic which i found really inspiring.

“we all just function, the rest of us, just go to work and come home; artists make life bearable. They give perspectives on things we never knew you could have. They bring joy. They explore inner human emotion, and at its best, the full dynamic range of that emotion”

This is something I feel really passionate about and the reason why I love film. I like to observe human nature, human culture and everything in between. This has made me want to make something that has a creative spin to an everyday thing. whether that’s a physical thing or a metaphorical thing or just a human psychological thing I don’t know yet but this I feel is the direction I want to head in.

A friend of mine said to me the ones that give you the most advice are usually talking to themselves and this really hit home to me and something I feel quite guilty off regardless of if it helps the person. Often in my life people come to me for help or advice as if I’m the man with the plan and when I do give it, its usually advice I want someone to give me. This whole idea of someone or people in general not really having there life like they want or at a state they think others are is something I can see myself creating a story around. This ties together not only with day to day human culture and psychologically but also has the opportunity to be made in a ironic or comedic way.


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