Religion – Evaluation

How have you covered your chosen issue?

I choose to cover my issue by doing a podcast with 3 other members. I felt this was a medium nobody had tried yet on my course and i have always liked podcasts so it seemed natural.

Do you feel that you have adequately highlighted your chosen issue?

In some ways yes, in some ways no. Religion is a very broad topic so it was difficult to cover all areas I wanted to challenge. Looking back i would have planned how i anted the podcast to go more however i do like the more natural approach that comes from the heart. This gives it more personality and character as everyone spoke from there own opinions and views.

What audience did you intend to reach?

Mainly millennials as they will be the ones who are either finding or being brought up in religion currently or the ones who are about to have children which hopefully can offer an approach to how you can raise them without forcing beliefs.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Yes, i would pick a smaller task or try and break it down to a smaller detail to focus on. I had too much food on my plate which overwhelmed me in to creating something im not happy with.


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