This is a list of all the research and concepts I will use, para phrase or gain some knowledge from for my project.

Egyptian book of the dead

(The books that the Romans plagiarized and turned to Christianity)

Passages from the old and new testament

  •  15:32
  • leviticus 18:22
  • timothy 2:12
  • Ezekiel 23:19-20
  • Exodus 35:2
  • Genesis 19:32

Passages from the Quran and Sharia law

  • Qur’an 4:34
  • Qur’an 5:38
  • Qur’an 4:3
  • Qur’an 4:3
  • Qur’an 33:50
  • Qur’an 33:50
  • Qur’an 2:282
  • Qur’an 4:11
  • Qur’an 9:29



(You either believe and accept everything, or you don’t)

(Figures and stats of our current religious landscape)

(Article on how Britain is no longer a christian country)

(Pros and cons of atheism)

(Pros and cons of religion from an ex christian)

(Article on vice president Mike Pence and how his strong Christian views can have heavy negative effects)

(article on why the future of religion is bleak)

(Religion vs Spirituality)

(Catholic Hospital denying abortions)

(Bill Maher religious documentary)

(Richard Dawkins infamous book The God Delusion)

(Sam Harris Book on Spirituality without religion)

(Sam Harris book on issues with religion)

(Article on when different states allowed evaluation to be taught in school)


Used in Essay:


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