For this project i want to explore the issues of religion in current society and see if it still holds value and positive worth is this day and age. I’m still unsure on what the final piece will look like as it is quite a meaty subject. Some options are a video essay, documentary, skit or just a podcast discussing my views with others.

My sources will come from various things like books written by atheists and religious people, for instance the gods delusion by Richard Dawkins. I will also being looking at data from different articles and documentations that have studied the change of people views on religion in the last 40 years.

I hope to gain some creative ideas by watching religious documentary’s like Bill Mahers Religulous that uses facts and comedic perspectives to break down dated ideologies that should be challenged.

Problems that may come up will be trying to compress huge amounts of import issues and points into an entertaining viewing experience. This will be stressful as i want to get all or most of my points across.


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