By the age of 11 I had made enough films to give Hitchcock a run for his money. Maybe not not executed to the genius quality that he set, but at least with the quantity, creating 20 films or so with my cousin that we made whenever we could. All we needed was Windows Movie Maker, any camera lying about and a little seed of an idea that we would improvise as we went along.

By year 8 my skill level took a significant step up, when my eldest brother who was studying filmmaking in college (the course I’m doing now) started getting the fancy Adobe software. When he wasn’t on his computer I would go on Premiere Pro and After Effects to try and see what I could do. I was amazed, years of suffering on Windows Movie Maker to then find out Premier Pro had been an option the whole time. I took to it like a duck to water. My improvements came either from learning by trial and error or watching YouTube videos by Film Riot. I feel this early start has helped me greatly as it has allowed me to work at the art form of editing and visual effects on Adobe. Still to this day I’m learning and gaining better and more efficient ways of using those skills which I feel puts me in a good advantage over others who have only just started dipping their toes in the water.

In year 8 my entire perception on filmmaking and what I felt it meant changed when I watched David Fincher’s Fight Club. When the credits finished and the screen turned black I saw the reflection of my jaw almost touching my knees, I was in awe. Fincher completely controlled where he wanted his audience to go using every element possible. This power and class was a new type of storytelling I had never seen before; I was completely stuck by how seamlessly I was led through his creation. This made me realise that filmmaking isn’t just about having pretty shots or high budget effects, it to me is all about telling a story.

My story took me to the Plymouth College of Art to study Film and Media. I also made a quick short film to show in my interview before I joined ( Although I joined college with a pretty good understanding of how to use DSLR cameras, editing and lenses I have gained a lot in other aspects. The main one being working with other people. This was something I hadn’t done before; so the times we had to work in groups helped me learn how to share my thought process and help myself and others contribute to the work accordingly. I’ve also delved into the world of lighting, sound and script writing which has taken me up a level in terms of skill and knowledge. College has also taught me how to plan and present my ideas for a project in a more creative way. For my final project of the first year I made little video diaries explaining my thought process and the things I had done in that week. I feel this was a refreshing and more enjoyable way to see how an idea can go from my imagination to the big screen. (–h-M5mjV6rDp2xQesiy2)

I have really enjoyed my Film and Media course, I want to continue to learn, bringing the skills I have acquired to a new group and elevating them further. I relish both learning new practical skills and the chance to experiment and learn by trial and error. I am ambitious and hope that degree level study will give me a better understanding of the industry and how to progress in this competitive field. Above all else, I want to become a brilliant storyteller and to do this I need to learn how to translate the myriad of ideas that are swimming around in my head into cohesive content on the screen.


I think my personal statement went really well. I believe it shines two aspects of me, my passion and drive for filmmaking but also my personality, which think is equally as important. Seeing as i got interviews for all the places i selected it couldn’t of been too shabby.


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