What genre is your film?

Action, fantasy, SC-FI .

How does your poster reflect the design conventions of the genre?

The main character is the centre of the frame. This tells us who the focus is, and who we should be focusing on. The shot is from quite low down, as if the camera its self was sinking in the water. This also allows you to get some sort of idea at the mass amount of chaos happening in that moment. It also gives it a sense of depth as you cannot see fully into the distance. This leaves you to your imagination. How far does it go?

The blue tinge to the poster suggests science fiction, action, thriller type movie, as you you can associate blue with the law or an “icy situation”. It can also be associated with technology which is heavy involved in inception.

The  font for the title is thin red lines that symbolise a maze. This fits with the story as leo and the gang get deeper and deeper in the maze of dreams. You could also say the font for the ‘leo di caprio’ is spaced out because time itself and objects around it are being stretched and altered.


For my poster i went from the simplistic approach. I only wanted a max of three colours and one element. This allows for a cleaner look, whilst not giving anything about the film away, this leaves the audience intrigued.


Final Poster

We had decided before hand that Sonny would be the one to create the main poster as we all wanted to have an important role each. We decided that we wanted to go for the Star Wars poster look. With different layers of characters with the main baddy (Darth Vader) in the background. We also went for a red to black colour mix, the red symbolizing evil and the black showing merging with the characters, which suggests they aint much better than the evil that is trapping them in.



For the movie trailer we deiced Laurie should do it as he was the actor and hadn’t done much in terms of production. He also wanted to try new effects and techniques as he is still learning the ropes of ADOBE software. The trailer has a grunge punk feel to it, this conveys the grittiness of the film. Its only ten seconds long as well which doesn’t give away to much but leaves you intrigued as to what is going on.




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